Why Panamá?

Today, the most attractive country to start a business is indeed Panamá. In the last decades, Panamá showed only positive growth rates. Here, companies with established growth plans, entrepreneurs seeking new markets and start-up with bright ideas will find breeding ground to build their own activity.

Panamánian economy is traditionally based on finance, logistic and trade, but due to the extension of the Canal and the international airport, other industries such as infrastructure, construction and tourism are lately gaining of importance.

Latest news

The openining of the new Canal!   >>> Read the article

The main factors that make Panamá the perfect place to do business are:

Economy growth

The GDP is growing by 6% yearly, second higher in the world after China.

Stable government

Entrepreneurial activities are encouraged

Excellent bank system

Modern, international and solid

Stable currency

The official currency is the US dollar

Low bureaucracy

To establish a company is easy and quick

Favorable tax system

Assets are protected and gains achieved in foreign countries are exempted

International investments

The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development planned investments for 1,9 billion USD for the period 2015-2019

Geostrategic location

Panamá is part of the American continent and has free zones for trade

Assets protection

No need of testament for inheritance, assets are passed on directly and tax free

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